All I want is to be Bros….

Its funny how my manager’s husband got jealous over the fact that my homegirl who works there I pay more attention to her. He got mad that when I dont show up to work shes quiet but when I do shes talkative/laughing when im around and all this foo wants is be bro’s he wants my attention LOL!!

My manager’s husband is fucken THIRSTY!! Since his wife isnt around at work he stays breaking his neck checking the women that come in or around the plaza at work

This muthafucker got the nerve to clown on me by saying everytime a attractive woman comes in I run towards the back & he clearly wants me to join him in being thirsty SIKE!!!

the area where I work at is nothing but old pervy thirsty fucks who confuse politeness w/ flirting

I take pride standing out & being the total opposite of these pervy thirsty fucks
And I wanna keep my distance and keep it strictly employee-manager

The best feeling in the World…

When you re-fall in love w/ bands you stopped listening to….


Woody Harrelson: Natural Born Killers (1994)


Woody Harrelson: Natural Born Killers (1994)

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